【tdr0481】Pixar made offer to other person than Tim Allen for the voice of Buzz Lightyear?


“Toy Story”, which is the first full computer graphic animated film for Pixar Animation Studio and a hit film that represents Pixar.

After releasing the first series in 1995, all of the series, which the second released in 1999, and third released in 2010 achieved huge hit and became popular series.

The existence of main characters “Woody” and “Buss Lightyear” is big even the funny story and unique characters made the film so popular.

The voice actors are probably feel pleased when the characters become this popular.

The voice of “Woody” is done by Hollywood actor “Tom Hunks” and “Buzz Lightyear” is done by actor, but also comedian “Tim Allen”.

They both are very famous, but originally Pixar wasn’t planning to make an offer to “Tim Allen” for the voice of “Buzz Lightyear”.

They made an offer to “Bill Murray” who is a famous actor and comedian. He has appeared in “Ghost Busters” or “Charlie’s Angel”, so even Japanese people are very familiar with him.

Then why “Tim Allen”?

Pixar made an offer to become the voice of “Buzz Lightyear” to “Bill Murray”. Pixar gave the producer’s phone number and was planning to hear from Bill.

But Bill actually lost the phone number.

By that he could not make a call and answer the offer and the deadline past.

Therefore, Pixar took “Tim Allen” as “Buzz Lightyear”.

If Bill didn’t lose the phone number may be “Bill Murray” did the voice of “Buzz Lightyear”.

Anyhow, it makes us wonder if he didn’t have other way of contacting the producer.

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