【tdr0475】Steve Jobs is related to the birth of “Toy Story”?


“Toy Story”, which is the first feature length full computer graphic animated film for Pixar Animation Studio and became the trigger of making the company success.

Behind the success, there was “Steve Jobs” who is a founder of Apple and also a founder of Pixar.

Steve Jobs left Apple in 1986 and bought Pixar’s predecessor company that built by Lucasfilm with $10 million to establish Pixar. He has said not much towards Pixar’s management after becoming the president of Pixar.

At that time Pixar was producing hardware for computer graphic and had connection with Disney as a customer.

Jobs brought up an idea of creating contents that raise the profit up quick then in 1991 Pixar promoted sale of creating computer graphic animated film to Disney.

In the result, in March of the same year the contract, which are three films was established and production of “Toy Story” has started.

70 of SGI workstation (high performance computer from Silicon Graphic International Corp) and 117 of SUN workstation (high performance computer Sun Microsystems) were used to produce and 4 years of time was spent.

Of course when spending 4 years of time “production cost” will be needed.

Steve Jobs is the one who helped out. He invested total $50 million in the 4 years.

Jobs was also surprised and gave a comment that “I didn’t think it would be needing this much of money”.

Although, “Toy Story” became a hit and Pixar acquired enormous amount of assets that even go over the amount Jobs invested by listed Pixar stocks.

If Jobs never promoted the Pixar or invested that masterpiece never had a chance to be created.

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