【tdr0465】All of the stuff did something just to create “Finding Nemo”


“Finding Nemo” is a feature length full computer graphic animated film that is released on May 30th, 2003 in United States of America and on December 6th, 2003 in Japan.

Pixar Animation Studio and Walt Disney Company were collaborator and this film won feature length animation award at 76th Academy award.

The film took place at Ocean of Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Ocean world that is wide and clear is drawn beautifully as if it was just looking like the real ocean.

The reflection of light that is peculiar inside the water, quality of wave, and movement of fish or seaweed are all drawn every realistically. This became a success, because stuff referred enormous amount of documents, but there is other reason too.

Actually, to express the “realistic ocean” stuff had to acquire “some license”.

The license is “scuba diving”.

As you know it is a license that allows diving into the ocean with carrying oxygen cylinder and wearing diving suit.

The reason they had to acquire this license is to burn the environment of real ocean into eyes. They thought it is important to see and experience not just imagination or documents.

And all the stuff that took part of creating acquired the license and experienced scuba diving. Because this experience transferred to the film, so that wonderful film was able to make successfully.

To make a wonderful film the solid spirit of creating film can be felt by not minding the time of production or production cost.

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