【tdr0457】A film director who has deep relation with Disney willing to become a cast?


“George Lucas” who is a famous film director that America produced and created popular series of “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones”

Actually he is a big fan of “Disney”.

Many people probably imagine attraction when thinking of connection of George Lucas and Disney.

Because at Tokyo Disneyland there is a flight simulator type attraction called “Star Tours The Adventures Continue”, which is made based on “Star Wars” and there is ride type attraction “Indiana Jones Adventure The Temple of the Crystal Skull” at Tokyo DisneySea.

And he also has relation ship with “Pixar”, which is subsidiary of Disney now.

George Lucas created Pixar’s base by establishing computer graphic department at SFX Studio and ILM for first series of “Star Wars”.

He probably didn’t think it would be subsidiary of Disney at that time.

As you can see there are various contacts between George Lucas and Disney, but “he wanted to work at Disney if the film fails” when he was a university student and was dreaming to become a film director.

If his famous work wasn’t created then he might have worked as a cast.

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