【tdr0455】How come the king of race don’t appear in “Cars 2”?


Town called “Radiator Springs”, which is country town that appears in film “Cars” and “Doc Hudson” who is an important person in the town and is a doctor of medical clinic and also a judge of town.

His true character, who has 1951’s Hudson Hornet car race type body is “the kin of race: Hudson Hornet” that he won the race three years in a row at Piston Cup before.

He helps McQueen who is a main character’s achievements that story of “Cars” cannot be speak without him.

Even he is such an important character he didn’t appear in “Cars 2”, which is sequel of Cars.

How come he didn’t appear in the film?

The reason is because “Paul Newman” who did voice of “Doc Hudson” has past away on September 26th, 2008.

He has past away at age of 83 with terminal lung cancer.

This unfortunate news was delivered to production stuff of “Cars 2”.

Therefore, they have made changes to not make the “Doc Hudson” to appear in the film, because they weren’t willing to make “somebody else to do his part”.

Instead of that during the story the title of “Piston Cup”, which “Doc Hudson” made superb achievements was changed to “Hudson Hornet Piston Cup” and made his medical clinic as memorial hall, so he left his gallant appearance on pictures and news papers.

Only “Paul Newman” can be “Doc Hudson”.

As Doc Hudson was Paul’s other half, so warm performance was created.

May he rest in peace.

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