【tdr0438】The film Steven Spielberg fist cried was Disney film


“Steven Spielberg” is a film director who created many famous films like “Jaws”, “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”, “E.T”, “Indiana Jones” and many others.

Did you know that he is a “big fan of Disney” actually?

He even brags “Walt Disney is the father of me and TV is what raised me” that Disney films inspired strongly and it made my main point.

The film he first cried watching was Disney film.

He didn’t cry because it touched his heart.

He cried because of fear.

Which film was it?

The film is “Night on Bald Mountain”, which is piece of “Fantasia”.

This is a film based on Russian folklore of “on eve of St. John festival, hollowed ground Chernobog appears on Bald Mountain and a demon, which is follower of Chernobog, ghost, and spirit of dead people making a fuss, but disappear as soon as the sun rises”, which is one of European tradition of “strange events occur on the eve of St. John festival”.

At the beginning, Chernobog appears from Bald Mountain along the song, which wakes uneasiness. Chernobog’s shade covers the town and ghosts and demons wonder around like pandemonium while making fuss.

The weirdness of their figures made many Japanese kids trauma.

It was same for Steven Spielberg that he was suffering from bad dreams for days from the fear of film.

That’s how much the film gave fear.

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