【tdr0434】Villain behind the date? The villain appeared in Ratatouille


Feature length animated film “Ratatouille” by Pixar Animation Studio is released on June 29th 2007 (July 28th in Japan).

It is a story about the main character “Remy” aim to become the best chef of Paris with “Linguine” who works as handyman of 5 star restaurant “Gusteau”.

During the film “Linguine” falls in love with “Colette”, who is only female chef works at same restaurant as Linguine and who trains him.

May be they are compatible, because “Linguine” is timid and “Colette” is aggressive.

They started to attract to each other and their relationship developed to have dates middle of film.

It seems very fresh date, but “some villain” active behind that scene.

The villain is “Bomb Voyage” who appeared in feature length full computer graphic animated film “Incredibles”, which was released on November 5th 2004 (December 4th 2004 in Japan).

He speaks French and seem very quiet with fair skin, but he is such a bold villain that safebreaker with bomb behind. That villain appears in the scene of “Linguine” and “Colette” date.

“Bomb Voyage” appears in the scene of “Linguine” and “Colette” embracing.

Fair skin man who is wearing white pants and black shirt just behind these two and performing pantomime before parent and kid. That man is “Bomb Voyage”.

His feature long face is still there.

It is not weird the fact “Bomb Voyage” who is French in Paris, but how come he is performing pantomime at such location?

May be he moved on from villain and reformed?

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