【tdr0432】The famous song from “Lion King” is made in short period of time?


The theme song of “Lion King”, The “Circle of Life” is a song about born in nature and live accepting the world.

The strong voice that sings the beginning of the song in Zulu is impressive.

The sunrise that pours into the earth of Africa and earth that pulsates… it is such a wonderful song that by just listening the song make you imagine the Mother Nature.

“Elton John” who is an English musician composes this song.

I am sure may people know about him that his famous song “Your song” is used as theme song of Japanese films and dramas.

“Elton John” who has created many wonderful songs and one of his songs the “Circle of Life” is created very short time of period.

A songwriter “Tim Rice” created the lyrics and when giving to “Elton John” he completed the song on that day Tim gave the lyrics.

Even he is a famous musician, stuff who didn’t think he would complete the song in one day were surprised.

May be he had inspiration naturally, but it is just so quick.

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