【tdr0424】Armature, who is not an actor or voice actor did voice of main character?


“Pixar Animation Studio” is American video productions company that specialty of computer graphic animation.

Pixar has been created so many hit films like “Toy Story”, which is Pixar’s first feature length film.

Behind the reason why Pixar films become hits there are the beautiful images, never compromise, stoic attitude, fine creativeness, story full of attractions, and more than anything the voice actor that makes unique characters alive hiding.

Many great actors are selected as voice actors in Pixar films.

Pixar’s masterpiece “Woody”, who is the main character of “Toy Story” is done by Tom Hunks, “Buzz Lightyear is done by “Tim Allen”, “Hopper” from “Bug’s Life” is done by “Kevin Spacy”, Mike “From Monsters, Inc.” is done by “Billy Crystal”. As you can see Pixar is using famous actors richly countlessly.

May be Pixar thinks because they are the first-class actors who are acting at Hollywood, so their way of acting with just voice is first-class.

Of course many professional voice actors in America are used too.

The voice is very important for animation.

The film will be ruined when voice actors just reading the scripts, so they are very particular about selecting voice actors.

But just once, person who is not an actor or voice actor did voice of main character in film of Pixar.

That person is actually the employee of Pixar.

But how did that happen?

Actually at Pixar the employee of Pixar record the voice of characters for temporary in the process of creating the film then select the voice actor.

At that time Pixar choose the voice actor who is “perfect” for the atmosphere of the character and the way of acting and the employee who did the character’s voice at that process was selected.

The character he did the voice for is “Linguine” who is a young boy aiming to become firs-class chef with Remy the mouse at “Ratatouille”.

“Luo Romano” who is an employee of Pixar that selected as main character’s voice probably was confused, because the character he did is not just appearing for one scene.

To act the character doesn’t matter if the person is professional or armature, but who suits for the best.

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