【tdr0409】Steve Jobs favorite was used with “WALL-E”


Steve Jobs is known as founder of Apple.

He has history of acquisition the computer and animation department (predecessor of Pixar), which Lucasfilm established with $1,000 and established “Pixar”.

Therefore Apple often has relation ship with Pixar and Disney.

Especially with feature length full computer graphic animated film “WALL-E” released in 2008 “Jonathan Ive” who designed iPod made advice on character appears in this film “Eve” or the sound of full charge of “WALL-E” has start up sound of “mackintosh (Mac)”, so Apple shows here and there.

Such “WALL-E”, there is performance related to Steve Jobs during the film.

The performance is at the scene of main character “WALL-E” playing video game with stand-by “Eve”.

Actually the game they are playing is related to Steve Jobs.

The name of the game is “Pong”.

The Nolan Bushnell, which was impressed from home video game machine “table tennis” from “Odyssey” found ATARI and the table tennis game that started to sell from November the same year is known as product first achieved hit as an arcade game.

The reason why “this game is related Steve Jobs” is because he loved playing this game.

“Pong” was favorite of 17 years old Steve Jobs.

“Pong” is such a good memory of his childhood. To use that as one of performance is ….such Pixar’s arrangement.

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