【tdr0406】Certain character appeared in “Finding Nemo” before releasing?


“Finding Nemo” is feature length computer graphic animated film, which released on December 6th 2003 in Japan.

The is an adventure story of clownfish that set on Great Barrier Reef, Australia was created jointly produced by Pixar Animation Studio and Walt Disney Company.

In this story some character that is not reveal to the world yet is appearing.

That character is justice hero “Mr. Incredible”.

He appears at the waiting room of dentist where Nemo was taken. “Mr. Incredible” is on the cover of magazine the kid reading at the waiting room.

Although, he isn’t wearing the familiar red costume.

He is wearing the blue costume, which is the one he used to wear before retiring hero, but in green on the cover.

“The Incredibles” was released on December 4th 2004 in Japan.

It is surprising how he made debut in advance even a year before the film is released.

It is impressive how Pixar and Disney putting effort into the creativeness that almost not noticeable.

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