【tdr0395】Sweatshops are surprised? The harsh working hours that Snow White had


“Snow White” is the world first feature length color animated film and Disney’s first feature length animated film.

Needless to say Snow White is created based on Grimm’s Fairy Tale and it is an epic film by paying enormous amount of money, which is $170 million at rate of then and it was released in December 21st 1937 in United States of America and September 26th 1950 in Japan.

This is a film known as a film made Disney huge, but as you can imagine from the period of creating and production cost the effort the stuff put is nothing we can imagine. Because the labor schedules were tough sweatshops like we say now were even surprised.

Especially the last spurt was like hell.

It started with 300 stuff and it got increased to double of 750 stuff, but the working hours were 15 hours per day.

They had almost no break that it would be lucky to have a day off during the week.

And when working for 15 hours per day for 6 days a week then the total becomes 90 hours.

Regular working hours in Japan is 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, so the total becomes 40 hours, so simply they were working double the time. Just comparing the time makes us how harsh it was.

Because of the stuff’s efforts Snow White is still a masterpiece that people love even after 70 years.

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