【tdr0391】Which masterpiece influenced creating “Lion King”?


An immortal work “Lion King has archived box office of $960 million and ranked in third place of box office on animation film history and archived world number one on history of animation work both sellーthrough video and soundtrack sale.

Since it is released in 1994 it is also famous for repertoire of Broadway or Shiki Theatre Company.

It can be said that is how much it is loved worldwide, but the story of “Lion King” is created influenced by biblical story “Joseph, Moses Story” and Disney film “Bambi” and there is another famous work’s influence is strongly related.

That is one of the four great tragedies of Shakespeare “Hamlet”.

The official title is called “The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” and it is 5 acts play that is longest play among other Shakespeare’s play.

To explain this story roughly, Prince of Denmark Hamlet who is the main character takes revenge due to noticing his father (the king) was killed by Hamlet’s uncle (brother of king) and his uncle married his mother (the queen) for the throne.

King was killed because of his uncle seizes the throne by force… this bit is used as it is to “Lion King”.

With “Lion King”, brother of king of Pride Lands Mufasa Scar kills Mufasa to seize throne by force and plan to kill Simba too.

The setup of king of brother killing the king and fight with the son is just like the “Hamlet”.

The only thing different is “Hamlet” has tragedy ending and “Lion King” starts with tragedy, but has happy ending.

“Lion King” became one of masterpiece may be because it was inspired from other masterpiece.

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