【tdr0387】Shot by mistake? The hairstyle of Angelica changes in a blink of an eye


“Pirates of the Caribbean” is a popular attraction at every Disney park.

And the film starring by “Johnny Depp” in motif of the attraction is “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Since releasing the first series “The Curse of the Black Pearl” in 2003 as of 2014 total 4 series are released as popular series such as “Dead Man’s Chest”, “At World’s End”, and On Stranger Tides”.

We all are looking forward to the 5th series schedule to be released in 2015 or 2016.

Such a popular series of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, there is unusual scene.

The scene can be seen on the 4th series “On Stranger Tides”.

There is a scene “Jack Sparrow” played by Johnny Depp” and his ex-girlfriend “Angelica” played by Penélope Cruz Sánchez talking facing each other at uninhabited island. Unusual thing happens at this scene.

At this scene Jack and Angelica’s faces appears on screen alternately during their conversation.

First Jack’s face appears on the left hand side back of Angelica then Angelica’s face appears on the right hand side back of Jack. These 2 cut changes alternately and instantly, so the thing on the screen is the same even angle is different, but there is one different thing.

That is “Angelica’s left ear”.

The cut Jack’s face is on Angelica’s hair is behind the left ear and the big earing can be seen, but when Angelica’s face is on the hair is down, so ear is hiding under.

Therefore this 2 cuts are not shot straight it was taken at different time.

Probably after the first cut she had to fix the makeup or had a short break.

So, the difference occurred by having different hairstyle even it has to be the same.

It is quite common story for films.

But it is such a small thing that people won’t realize just watching it.

But when noticing these things makes you have an idea of how it is shot, so it is fun.

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