【tdr0383】Certain character from musical “Lion King” has same voice as the animation?


An immortal film “Lion King” that made historical achievement on animated film.

Musical of Lion King was performed at Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in July 1997 after releasing the film in 1994 and preview performance was performed at New Amsterdam Theatre of Broadway Theatre in October 1997.

Shiki Theatre Company performed in 1998 in Japan and since that it runs for over 15 years until today, so it is called “unlimited long run” that’s how popular it is.

So, speaking of “Lion King”, there is an excellent pair that we shouldn’t forget.

Yes, Meerkat “Timon” and warthog “Pumba”.

It is not over exaggerated to say these two existences covered many dramatic scenes.

“Atom Kobayashi” did one of this excellent pair “Pumba’s” Japanese dubbing, but actually his real occupant is stage actor and has experience of being a member of Shiki Theatre Company.

He was at Shiki Theatre Company from 1995 to 2005.

He started to work at Shiki Theatre Company a year after the “Lion King” was released. Moreover, he even participated as cast of “Lion King”, which started to perform by Shiki Theatre Company from 1988. May be it was the fate he was on stage with a role of “Pumba”, which is a character that he did as a voice actor.

Fans of “Lion King” could not be happier the fact they could enjoy the same voice at musical.

In February 28th 2011, he has past away with age 56 with liver cancer.

The “Pumba” he did will be passed along to young stage actors of Shiki Theatre Company.

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