【tdr0380】Shot by mistake? The headpiece of Jack Sparrow changes in a blink of an eye


“Pirates of the Caribbean” is the film starring by Johnny Depp.

4th series are released as popular series since the release of “The Curse of the Black Pearl” in 2003.

We all are looking forward to the 5th series schedule to be released in 2015 or 2016, but today I would like to talk about the popular series “Pirates of the Caribbean” 4th series “On Stranger Tides”.

Actually inside the film there is scene Jack Sparrow’s headpiece keep changing placements.

Speaking of “Jack Sparrow” he wears jungles and headpiece.

On the right there is feather, left side there is linked accessory, above the red bandanna on forehead there is bone, wood, and metal linked headpiece is hanging down on the left side and there is bone from unknown creature is hanged.

The headpiece above the red bandanna’s placement keeps changing at certain scene.

The scene is when Angelica who is ex girlfriend of Jack making him fall asleep.

The face of Jack who is asleep inside the ship of “Queen Anne’s Revenge” on the screen, but the linked headpiece is on the left side and the bone is on the right side at this scene.

And the scene Jack wakes up by falling from hammock.

At this scene the linked headpiece is on the right and bone is one the left.

It changed the placement suddenly.

At next cut the headpiece moved to left and bone back to the right and the placement never changed after.

The reason why headpiece placement became opposite during that cuts is probably because of fixing makeup or shooting on the different day, but it is surprising that they do such a careless mistake.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” is fun to just watch, but to find these little details is also fun too.

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