【tdr0360】”Cars” characters have the same feature as the voice actors


Speaking of Pixar full computer graphic animated film that hot red cool racing car be active in is “Cars”.

This film was released on June 9th, 2006 in United States of America and July 1st, 2006 in Japan and became a hit by achieving box office over $400 million in total.

This film is described the world of various cars be active such as main racing car character “Lightning McQueen”, medium size wrecker truck “Mater”, Porsche’s “Sally Carrera” and many others.

The body is a car, but it has eyes and mouth just like human and talks expressively…the cars that appears in “Cars” are very attractive that even make you forget they are cars.

Actually, there is an unveiled secret about these characters feature.

The secret is their “color of eyes”.

The main characters colors of eyes are same color as English voice actors.

For example, the main character “Lightning McQueen”.

His color of eyes is classy blue and “Owen Wilson” who did the voice of Lightning McQueen has blue eyes.

McQueen’s partner “Mater’s” voice is done by voice actor “Larry the Cable Guy” has light green eyes, which is Mater has and Porsche’s “Sally Carrera” has same beautiful emerald green eyes as “Bonnie Hunt”.

When you compare it is obvious. Not just the color of eyes their expression of eyes and shapes are quite similar.

It is great opportunity for the voice actors and actress to play the characters that has same eyes as them. Pixar that puts fine creativity in the films is admirable.

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