【tdr0356】Johnny Depp was involved casting Jack’s father!


“Pirates of the Caribbean” is the big hit series represents Disney.

Since the releasing first film in 2003, the popularity never gets less.

I am sure many people were fascinated by “Jack Sparrow” played by Johnny Depp who has creative behavior no other have.

Father “Teague Sparrow” of such “Jack Sparrow” appeared in third film “At World’s End”.

“Keith Richards” who is known as world famous “Rolling Stone” guitarist played Teague Sparrow.

Keith was never willing to get involve with films, but why did he decide to get involved?

The person who holding the key is featured actor “Johnny Depp”.

Actually Johnny Depp was playing the role of “Jack Sparrow” by having image of “Keith Richards”.

Therefore Keith is the father of “Jack Sparrow” for Johnny Depp. Then when needing a role of Jack Sparrow’s father Johnny Depp though “there is no one else can be the father other than Keith”.

Although, Keith persisted in not appearing in the film.

But Johnny Depp never gave up and kept asking and telling him wanting to appear on the screen together even I had to cut my pay.

At the end Keith decided to be involved in the film by gave in to Johnny Depp’s longing.

“Keith Richards” was perfect for father of Jack Sparrow, because he is the origin image of “Jack Sparrow”.

Johnny was right about casting.

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