【tdr0344】Eternal boy become psychological disorder?


Disney film “Peter Pan” was created based on “Peter and Wendy” written by J.M Barrie.

It was released on 1953, February 5th (1955, March 22nd in Japan) and is 14th Disney feature-length animated film.

Speaking of Peter Pan, he is a “eternal boy” that never gets old who lives “Neverland”. It is not unsure, but there is personality disorder named after him.

“Peter Pan syndrome”.

It is one of psychological disorder indicates adults with immature mental or men who doesn’t grow up.

Simply this term is used for men who has childish level of consciousness that can only “behave like a child”, “self-centered”, “irresponsible for anything”, or “take a defiant attitude”, but it has not illness point of view it is “one of universal problems that everyone have”, so it is not a official term with psychology.

From women “men are originally childish”, so when it is not extreme then it should be no problem.

It would be great to look young forever even mental is mature.

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