【tdr0331】Which animal was the model of Stitch?


Disney film “Lilo & Stitch”, which was released on 2002, June 21st (2003, March 8th in Japan) and it became a blockbuster film. Related goods also became so popular that Stitch who is the main character goods are very popular.

Stitch is the experiment alien that “evil genius Dr. Jumba” created by illegal genetic experimentation. Because he was created on 626th, so he is called as 626 and Stitch happen to has resistance of bullets and fire and night vision ability, also is strong that trained in martial arts.

Plus he is knowledgeable, so he is an outstanding character at various ways.

He is three heads size, round blue figure, big eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Although, he looks cute, but has monster-like status.

Actually taking ideas from certain animal made such Stitch.

Is it “dog” that Lilo thought?

Or “Koala” that has big nose?

Both are not quite.

The answer is “bat”…. There are many common points of Stitch and bat that shape of nose and ears, cute round eyes, and hands with sharp nails.

Modeling the existing animal is very important to create creature that does not exist in this world. Character design is so deep.

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