【tdr0320】Famous comedian appeared in Lion King?


Disney feature-length animated film “Lion King”, which was released in 1994 and still the world number one film that sold most sell through videos.

The story is taking place at “Pride Lands”, which is animals kingdom and is about “Simba” who is the son of faithful strong king “Mufasa” overcome many difficult times and become the lion like his father.

Baby Simba is very naughty and was such a troublesome baby lion and the one that took care of such Simba is hornbill butler of Kingdom Pride Lands “Zazu”.

Actually some famous comedian did the voice of this Zazu.

The famous comedian is “Rowan Atkinson” who is familiar with “Mr. Bean”.

In the “Mr. Bean” he doesn’t really talk, so the voice of Rowan Atkinson can hardly imagine. I am sure some people surprised by him speaking madly as a voice actor.

Zazu’s eyes and shape of eyebrows were similar as “Rowan Atkinson’s”, so may be that is why he was chosen as Zazu’s voice.

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