【tdr0316】Disney film that acquired the top box office


Box office is often brought up as benchmark of the film was a hit or not.

The box office is the total sale amount of admission fee that paid when watching a film and the more the number of the sale amount gets the more people came to the cinema to watch the film.

So TV media brings up the tendency of box office when releasing new film.

And 3D film “Avatar” by James Cameron, which released in 2009 went over hugely the “Titanic’s”, which acquired highest box office in the history, so it attracted much attentions.

By that films by 20th century FOX occupied the top 2 that 1st is Avatar and 2nd is Titanic. Fox, which acquired overwhelming box office doesn’t let any other film company to get near.

Anyway, actually Disney film that attracted so much of attention is ranked in the top where there is fierce competition.

Of course the story, but the greatly popular soundtrack created serious boom, which is Disney’s new film “Frozen”.

When it was released on 2013, November 27th (2014, March 14th in Japan) each media brought this up and “get into character movie” got popular on Internet.

Because it was spread as of 2014, May it ranked in 5th place of world box office ranking and ranked in 3rd in Japanese box office.

I have listed first to fifth successive world box office ranking below.

【Title】************************【Box office】 【Release year】

1:Avatar*****************************$2,782,275,172 [2009]
2:Titanic*****************************$2,186,772,302 [1997]
3:Avengers**************************$1,511,757,910 [2012]
4:Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2***$1,341,511,219 [2011]
5:Frozen*****************************$1,219,285,529 [2013]

(As 2014, May 28th)

Anyway in this bunch of big time famous films only “Frozen” is the animated film. Therefore it is proudly the top for animated film. That’s how big the accomplishment “Frozen” achieved.

The Avengers, which acquired 3rd place is produced by Marvel Studios of Walt Disney Studio. So, it is the highest box office that Disney related film acquired.

And Disney live-action film that achieved most box office is “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” at 11th of world ranking. (Stranger Tides, which is the sequel, became the 12th and World End was at 22nd.) With Pixar films “Toy Story 3″ became the 12th of world ranking.

As you can see, it is clear how “Frozen” was a big of a hit film. May be Disney film goes over the “Avatar” in near future.

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