【tdr0315】The first cartoon that broadcasted on Japanese Disney Channel


In 1983, the year of Tokyo Disneyland opened “Disney Channel” started to broadcast in America.

“Disney Channel” is a channel that only broadcasts Disney and now over 60 countries are viewing this channel.

The Disney channel started to broadcast in 2003, which was the 20th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland.

The cartoon that was broadcasted at the same time the Disney Channel began was the synchronized sound shorty animation “Steamboat Willie”, which was released on 1982, October 18th.

Yes, the cartoon that first Mickey appeared in this world.

And the day of “Disney Channel” was opened was the Mickey Mouse’s birthday November 18th, which is also the day “Steamboat Willie” released.

Therefore Japanese “Disney Channel” made debut on the Mickey Mouse’s birthday and to match that they decided to broadcast Mickey’s debut cartoon as for the first time.

This is such a Disney way of stylish production.

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