【tdr0313】Hawaiian souvenir that has “Lilo & Stitch” on package


Disney film “Lilo & Stitch” was released on 2002, June 21st (2003, March 8th in Japan). After releasing this film, because Stitch is so cute the film related goods became so popular and the film itself was a hit.

“Lilo& Stitch” is a story took place in Hawaii. Of course you think there are Stitch related goods at Hawaii, right?

There is product that has Lilo and Stitch on the package is sold at Hawaii actually. The product is “Hawaiian Host’s macadamia chocolate”, which is very typical Hawaiian souvenir. This is a famous snack that can be bought around $3.

Typical Hawaiian souvenir’s package is the character that appears the film took place in Hawaii is such a unique souvenir that people would be delighted to receive.

There are other products that have “Lilo & Stitch” on the package, but unfortunately there aren’t many kinds. I guess even it is an animation took place in Hawaii it does not have that much power.

The package of “Hawaiian Host macadamia chocolate” has version of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse other than Lilo & Stitch. But compare to “Lilo & Stitch” type it looses Hawaiian taste.

If you have happened to go to Hawaii check how it looks. It is sold at majority of shops, so how about making it as souvenir of Hawaii?

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