【tdr0309】The beast from “Beauty and the Beast” is drawn by what model?


Disney feature-length animation film “Beauty and the Beast”, which is a romantic fantasy story about prince that became beast by enchantress places spell and beautiful young woman. This film was released on 1992, September 23rd in Japan (1991, November 22nd in United States of America).

The beast stays in the castle by not able to trust anybody and because he was transformed into ugly appearance.

His fine horns and sharp tusk that peeks out from his mouth and brown hair that covers his whole body thickly is impressive. The word of “beast” fits perfectly on him, but what was his model?

Actually many fierce animals are combined like “bear” and “wolf”.

Especially “American bison” is reflected strongly.

Curved horn that is 20 inch long and long brown hair that grown from head to forefeet resemble of beast’s horn and hair around the face.

Also American bison is over 10 feet long and is large built that the weight is about 2205lb, so the rush power of it is tremendous.

What beast of natural world! There is nothing to say about it was chosen.

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