【tdr0299】 What’s the symptom like “Alice in Wonderland”?


“Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll is famous as Children’s fiction that produced various spinoff productions.

Animation film “Alice in Wonderland” and live action film “Alice in Wonderland” exist as Disney production, but both is full of mystery that doesn’t exists in the real life.

Alice has odd adventure by meeting animal that speaks, her body shrinks or get big. When actually these things happen people get panic, but there is symptom of “feeling small or big” exists.

The name is “Alice in Wonderland syndrome”.

The symptom is just like the fiction that Lewis Carroll wrote, so it named after the title.

The typical symptoms are known as having odd feeling on sizes like even not having eye problem things look bigger or extremely small than original size and feel nearer or farther than original distance.

Also there are cases that feeling odd of color vision or sense of touch, body parts or sense of time, so it is sometime troublesome that symptoms cannot narrow it down simply.

These symptoms usually get better in few minuets, but sometime it continue for few days.

When it occurs on children then majority of times are temporary, but when it occurs on adults then it is better to consult with a doctor. It can be the sign of melancholy, so in the worse case, there is dangerousness of making symptoms worse from loss of reality-ness.

It wouldn’t be nice to experience the mysterious things that appears in the story.

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