【tdr0298】There are heroes and heroines who didn’t get married in Disney films


Feature-length animation films from Walt Disney Animation Studios are loved worldwide.

Majority of films are completed with heroes and heroines.

Prince and Snow White in “Snow White”, Prince charming and Cinderella in “Cinderella, “Aladdin and Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin, and Prince who turned into beast and bell in “Beauty and the Beast”… In these films “hero or heroine is the royal family”, but there is other important related point.

Which is “hero and heroine gets married then story ends”.

Hero and heroine overcome the difficult times and they get married, which is so typical. Of course not all the Disney films are completed with heroes and heroines, but when there is combination of hero and heroine then to get married is a standard move.

There is a famous Disney film that even has hero and heroine, but ends without getting married.

If you come up with the film in this second then you are well informed in Disney.

The film is Disney’s 14th feature length animation film “Peter Pan” that is released in 1953, February 5th (1955, March 22nd in Japan). In this film hero “Peter Pan” is forever a hero and heroine is a girl “Wendy” who is wearing pale blue nightdress.

Peter Pan and Wendy, they both became to like each other in the story.

That was even Tinker Bell who liked Peter Pan was jealous of Wendy, but at the end they never got married. That’s because Peter Pan is a young boy of Never Land and is always be a young boy.

On the other hand Wendy decided to become an adult…They live in the different world, so it is more like they shouldn’t be together.

By the way the next series “Peter Pan 2 Return to Never Land” Wendy who became two children’s mother appears. She became completely an adult, but her mind is still pure.

To became an adult without forgetting faith… we should learn from her.

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