【tdr0293】”The Little Mermaid” is sexism? The reasons of complaints were occurred


“The Little Mermaid” is Disney’s last movie version hand drawn animation and is golden era’s origin of Disney film.

It was released on 1989, November 17th in United States of America and on 1991, July 20th in Japan and it is performed by Broadway and Shiki Theater Company, but when it was released many human rights organization and women’s organization complained.

“The Little Mermaid” is a film that is based on fairy tale by Andersen “The Little Mermaid”, but how the movie ends differs from the original story.

With the original story the mermaid conflicts between human or mermaid and after the love with prince did not accomplished, so she disappeared as bubble, but in Disney film of The Little Mermaid, she thrown away the world that she lived as mermaid and choose the love for prince by having encouragements from others around her.

Some people think it is great how it changed to happy end, but this is actually the point where people complained about. To make the long story short, people complained about the end of “woman follows the man to get married and happily ever after”.

Some people didn’t take that story like “great how their love accomplished” people judged it is sexism by pushing the “woman’s prejudice life” like “marriage is the only happiness” or “happiness is to support the man”. The organization felt “this prejudice is planting to the kids mid”.

From the experience above Disney announced “to think more carefully about women roles” officially and also announced that heroine of “Beauty and the Beast”, which was the next film that they released was created as “present-day woman and active feminist”.

“Happily ever after with prince” used to be the ideal story before, but in modern days of equal rights for both sex one interpretation become a problem… it is difficult to write happy end story that everyone agrees.

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