【tdr0292】Is it real that the house that appears in a film of “UP” exists?


The film “UP” was released in 2009 from Pixar Animation Studio.

This film is the first feature-length 3D film from Pixar and won 67th Golden Globe Awards on best animated feature film and best original score.

The main thing about this story is “flying house”.

Old man Carl puts countless of balloons on his house to go to “paradise fall”, which is his late wife and this house actually exists in real life.

This house exists in Utah of United States of America.

The house that became the model of Carl exists at there. Of course the house got permission to be built.

The level of completion is so perfect.

The house was particular about every single design and the handprints of Carl and Ellie on the past was even recreated. The price of the house is $400,000!

May be this is a reasonable price for house.

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