【tdr0286】The Disney animation film that achieved the most sales


Disney animation films that become worldwide hit are continuously released.

Disney animation films are overwhelmingly popular that recently “Frozen” became a big hit and placed 5th in World highest box office revenue ranking (as of 2014, May 28th).

Then you get curious about the film that achieved most amount of sales of sell through video (DVD, Blu-ray-Disc or other softs that recorded films, animations, television programs that are made on purpose of selling).

The “Frozen” has achieved number one on animation film for box office revenue as I have mentioned above, but which film achieved number 1 of sell through video?

The film is “Lion King”, which was released in 1994.

Actually it sold 55 million this of video (as of 2003) and is acquired 1st place among other films. Also the soundtrack sales are 15 million sheets CDs and this also is world number 1 for animation film.

And this is the film that released more than 20 years ago, but the box office revenue ranking is still in 19th place and when limiting to animation film it is ranked in 3rd place with “Frozen” and “Toy Story 3”.

This can be confirmed as monumental film.

“Lion King” is the film that continues to hit over 10 years as repertoire of Shiki Theater Company not just animation.

That’s how much this film is loved worldwide.

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