【tdr0282】The king of Lion King’s voice was the voice of world famous villain’s


Disney feature-length animation film “Lion King”, which was released in 1994.

It is a monumental film that it achieved $960 million, which is became the third place in history of animation film, sale of video for sale is world number one, and the sale of soundtrack achieved world number one in the history of animation film.

The male lion “Mufasa” is a father of the main character of “Lion King” Simba and reigned as a king of Pride lands.

He is such a faithful, powerful, and gentle King that everyone places their trust on him.

The voice actor who did “Mufasa” is a voice actor named “James Earl Jones” who is known as an owner of beautiful voice, but actually he did the voice of some famous villain character.

The villain character is “Darth Vader”, the man who is covered all in black appears in SF film “Star Wars”.

The unique mask, machinery breathing sound, and the existence is so powerful.

I am sure there are many people who play the “Imperial March” inside the head when just seeing his figure.

“Mufasa” and “Darth Vader” is totally opposite character, so it never crossed mind that the voice is done by same person.

He is such a gifted voice actor.

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