【tdr0270】Johnny Depp who have played the role of Jack Sparrow had dislikes.


“Pirates of the Caribbean” is the film that is in motif of attraction that is popular at every Disney park in the world “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The casting is very fancy that starring by Johnny Depp, but at those days people said films that starring by Johnny Depp never made hit, so this film will fail again. But as you know it ended up being a big hit. The American box office revenue reached about $305 million.

The reason of this film became the hit is because the story and production is of course, but this film cannot be talked about without Johnny Depp’s acting. The character “Jack Sparrow”, which was born from his flexible acting was powerful than anything else and is appealing.

Because it was such a unique character, so I am sure many people have an image of “Jack Sparrow” when even seeing Johnny Depp in ordinary days.

Although, role is role. Actor and character are mutually exclusive. It is because “Jack Sparrow” is shrewd and arrogant person who is not scared of anything, but Johnny Depp is scared of something.

The thing he is scared of is a “crown”.

Actually he has phobia of coulrophobia. Certainly crown has unique makeup and depending on the makeup it looks scary. In the case of Johnny Depp this even became phobia.

When it becoming as phobia then when just seeing makes palpitation, out of breathe, and panic attack.

You may think, “it’s just a crown”, but that’s how big the deal is.

Since his daughter was born the phobia has been better. Becoming a parent may made his mental state different.

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