【tdr0255】The relation of Disney and George Lucas’s film.


Two Disney parks that support Tokyo Disney Resort, which are the “Tokyo Disneyland” and “Tokyo DisneySea”. Both has full of world view of Disney and one of attraction is made by things that are very much related to Disney.

It is obvious because the theme park named Disney, but there is attraction, which seems not related to Disney on the surface is located in both parks.

One is flight simulator type attraction “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue” that is located at Tokyo Disneyland.

And another one is enhanced motion vehicle ride type attraction “Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull: that is located at Tokyo DisneySea.

Former attraction is subject matters of “Star Wars” and the latter attraction is subject matters of “Indiana Jones” and both are the film George Lucas has produced.

So, why George Lucas’s films became the contents of attractions?

Then “Pixar” gets involve from here.

Actually George Lucas hired current Pixar president Edwin Catmull from New York Institute Technology to Lucasfilm Limited and created Pixar’s parent by developing SFX studio, which produced first series of “Star Wars” and computer graphic department at ILM.

And now Pixar is affiliate of Walt Disney Company.

George Lucan and Disney were connected through Pixar.

If this coincidence never happened, attraction of “Star Wars” or “Indiana Jones” never existed.

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