【tdr0252】What surprise Jack Sparrow actually did?


The film “Pirates of the Caribbean” starring by Johnny Depp was made based of popular attraction of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Johnny Depp who acted “Jack Sparrow”, which is synonym of this film and other actor’s spectacular acting is must see. Jack Sparrow’s behavior, which became live from Johnny Depp’s acting, moving fingers while swaying, and his arrogant attitude are very unique.

Anyway, Johnny Depp acted such a powerful character, but he is a caring father of 2 beautiful children. When he has off days he makes much times with family more than anything.

In 2007, his daughter Lilly Rose Melody outbreak server kidney disease and was hospitalized at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. I am sure Johnny Depp was so worried, so he was delighted when she was recovered after spending time at hospital for 9 days and he prepared surprise for his daughter.

That surprise was to “go to hospital as Jack Sparrow”.

He wore the unique pirates costume and make-up to see his daughter. Of course his daughter was delighted, but other kids also were happy to see that. That surprise cannot be fail, because that “Jack Sparrow” appears at hospital. Plus he gave special treat, which to read fairy tale to the children.

It shows how he caring person he is by making other children to make happy not just only his daughter.

“Jack Sparrow read fairy tale” will be those children’s lifetime memory.

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