【tdr0239】”Dog language translator’s” model is a Japanese toy.


Pixar Animation Studio produced “Up”, which released in 2009.

It was first time for Pixar to won 67th Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score with feature-length 3D film.

This story is about 78-year-old man who have lost beloved wife and 8-year-old boy who is full of curiosity going on adventure sets out to fulfill the dreams, but it is the story that appears many dogs.

Although, not the normal dogs. The dogs that talk in human language.

When you hear dog talking in human language makes you think this story is fairy tale-ish, but actually dogs speak human language because of the “dog language translator” that is on their collar… It is so realistic isn’t it? But this “dog language translator” was a big success in the film that dog involved in the story of this film and showed their individualities.

Anyway, did you know that product that is similar to the “dog language translator” is actually sold in Japan and is gathering attentions now?

The product name is “Bow-Lingual”.

This toy analyses dog’s emotion from bark and display on the liquid crystal display in Japanese, which translated from dog language and is developed with Takara Tomy (Takara back in the days), Index Holdings (Index corporation back in the days), and Japan Acoustic Lab and it gathered many attentions when it first sold in Japan.

Actually this “Bow-Lingual” is the model of “dog language translator” that appears in the film of Up.

Which means “Bow-Lingual” was gathering attentions in abroad not just in Japan.

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