【tdr0234】Seven Dwarfs. Why one dwarf missing beard?


The world first feature-length colored animation and also the first Disney film “Snow White”. This is a masterpiece that is released in 1937, December 21st in United States of America and in 1950, September 26th in Japan was made based on the story of Grimm fairy tale “Snow White”.

Speaking of “Snow White”, it cannot talk about it without the “Seven dwarfs”. The dwarfs that has individuality that is not over exaggerated to say they are the mascot characters. Each dwarf have white beard ….wait, almost forgotten that there is one dwarf missing beard.

The name is “Dopey”. He is the only dwarf that does not say a word or have beard. The reason why he did not speak during the film was because “he didn’t even tried to speak out (by Walt Disney)” or “couldn’t find a voice actor that fits an image of Dopey”, but why does he have no beard?

Actually, beard is symbol for intelligence fir Disney, so when character having beard that means he is an “intelligent adult”.

To think that dwarfs other than Dopey has individuality, but also they all meet the requirements of having beard. Compare to that Dopey is foolish, doing things at his own pace, and blunderer, so he is the character that the word of “adult” never fits him.

Imagine him having beard. It totally doesn’t suit him.

Therefore, non-beard dwarf was born.

To have one child looking dwarf among other dwarf with beard makes it a great accent and this actually makes Dopey stands out and was a great idea for gathering attention to Dopey. No matter what you can spot on which dwarf he is by not having beard.

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