【tdr0218】What is that desk lamp that appears in the Pixar’s films?


The desk lamp that appears jumping at beginning of the Pixar’s films. It moves to position of “I” of PIXAR and the way it stretches out is pretty cute.

That desk lamp is now became typical character, but don’t you get curious about why the desk lump appears at the beginning of the film?

What kind of relation it has with Pixar and more you think it gets more mysterious.

But this has proper deep meaning to it.

This “desk lamp” character was born in the following year of Pixar established as independent company. It was made by “John Lasseter” who took part of establishing the Pixar and is known as director of “Toy Story”.

After he joining the Pixar he gave his all effort to create 3D-computer graphic animation and short films. And in 1986, “Luxo Jr” was released, which is the first film of Pixar and his first time directing the film. And this “Luxo Jr.”, which is the title of this film, is the “desk lamp”.

Moreover, surprisingly that model was the desk lamp that was on the John Lasseter’s desk.

You might have certain idea at this point that that “desk lamp” is the first main character for Pixar and character that has so much memory for John Lasseter who supported Pixar and is an irreplaceable character.

That is why that desk lamp appears every time at beginning of the Pixar’s film.

Additionally, there is an episode of John Lasseter had a job related to Disney before him joining the Pixar to become working with Disney. That job he had before joining the Pixar was a skipper with Disneyland attraction Jungle cruise. Now he is a famous director, but it is quite funny to think he had those times back in the days.

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