【tdr0212】Japanese character that appeared in “Toy Story 3” as a friend.


Pixar Animation Studio’s feature-length computer graphic animation film “Toy Story3”. It is popular series and Toy Story 3 was released as completion film of Pixar’s representative film Toy Story in 2010, July 10th in Japan (2010, June 18th in United States of America). It is a big hit film that the box office revenue exceeded $1 billion.

In this film the familiar cowboy toy “Woody”, powerful space ranger “Buzz Lightyear”, and other unique toys appears through the series, but in Toy Story 3, some character that is not related to Toy Story appears.

If you have seen this film you have noticed, but it is “Big Totoro”, which appears in the Studio Ghibli film “My Neighbor Totoro”. Totoro wasn’t just appeared for few seconds that everyone doesn’t notice Totoro appeared confidently as a toy even though Totoro had no lines I am sure many people were surprised by how he was acting with smile.

But why “Totoro” made it to the screen on Toy Story 3?

That is because John Lasseter, who is leading the “Toy Story” series and Hayao Miyazaki who is Studio Ghibli’s director had 20 years of friendship.

That friendship tied Pixar and Studio Ghibli and made Totoro on the screen of Toy Story 3 under the terms and condition of no lines and as a toy.

The friendship was born in the frame of animation and is an international friendship.

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