【tdr0204】The secret of certain character of “Toy Story”.


Pixar’s representative work is of course the “Toy Story” series.

The commemorable first film was released in 1995, November 22nd (1996, March 23rd in Japan). This film gathered attention due to it was the first feature-length computer graphic animation film to release in public at theatre and is became the hit film that reached $362 million of box office revenue.

After 4 years of 1999, November 24th (2000, March 11th), the toy story 2 was released and reached 485 million of box office revenue that exceeded previous amount.

The “Toy Story 3” completed the series after 10 years in 2010, June 18th (2010, July, 10th in Japan) was released and reached 1 billion of box office revenue then it took a bow as a real big hit series.

The reason that this series became a hit is probably the existence of toys that appears in the film is huge. This film that toys moving around is like a dream for kids who play with toys and grown ups who moved on from playing with toys can look back their childhood by remembering the toys they played with…. Age range is so wide, but because the toys are fascinated, so many people love this film.

In this film there are so many individualistic characters, but Toy Story cannot be talked without “Buzz Lightyear”. The way he thinks he is a space ranger who stick with justice rather than a toy and go on his own way is very impressive. I am sure men out there have experience of playing especially with hero toys and Buzz is the classic position of that.

“Buzz Lightyear” who is a hero for kids, but there is a model of him.

Buzz has pumped up body, manly face, and has innocent heart towards justice, so you tend to image a very strong model, but the model of Buzz is actually the director of “Toy Story” “John Lasseter”.

There isn’t much of strongness on him and some people doesn’t click the fact. But you will nod your head thinking “they do look similar” by lining the Buzz and him up to see their eyes, face shape, and chin.

“Buzz Lightyear” who stick to the justice and adored from other toys.
“John Lasseter” who never compromise things towards creating films and respected from staff. They both are similar may be that is why Buzz was made looking similar to John.

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