【tdr0202】Which manga artist studied Disney films with Osamu Tezuka?


Osamu Tezuka is an author of “Black Jack” and “ Astroboy”.

He is a very famous manga artist and animator who made the base of manga expressions of nowadays as first story manga artist and he loved Disney that he called himself a “Disney Mania” actually. He watched Disney films over and over again and could even draw Disney characters that he wanted to send what he drew to Disney, that’s how much he loved Disney and Disney inspired him.

There is one famous manga artist who studied Disney films with him.

Which manga artist was it?

That manga artist is the author of “The Galaxy Express 999” and “ Space Cruiser Yamato”, Reiji Matsumoto.

When Reiji Matsumoto was at 5, which was his first time realizing what is Disney by watching Mickey Mouse film with projector that his father who loved films bought. At that time he rolled the projector on him own and was inspired by animation.

When he was in elementary school he watched Disney films like Snow White or Bambi over and over again and became obsessed with Disney. His favorite was especially the “Fantasia”. That’s how much Mickey Mouse was special for him.

Reiji Matsumoto who grew up by receiving huge inspiration from Disney met Osamu Tezuka later then they studied Disney films together. That study probably leveraged in Reiji Matsumoto’s work.

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