【tdr0171】Voice actor of “101 Dalmatians” changed completely during the film?


Animation film “101 Dalmatians” from Walt Disney Company was released in 1961, January 25th (1962, July 27th in Japan).

The original story of this film is “The Hundred and One Dalmatians” written by Dodie Smith and is a story of 2 mature dogs and 99 puppies going crazy.

This is film achieved success by seeing the box office revenue, but something that doesn’t really happen usually actually happened with this film.

What do you think it is?

The answer is “to change the voice actor during the film”.

Changing the voice actor is not the rare thing when there are unavoidable circumstances, but when that happens usually they shoot from the beginning. But with this film they didn’t shoot from the beginning instead of that they changed the voice actor in the middle of the film.

The character that had different voice actor is the main character “Pongo”, which is the mature Dalmatian’s wife “Perdita”. To change the main character of voice actor is unthinkable.

Originally Actress “Lisa Daniels” was going to do all the voice of “Perdita”.

But she moved to New York after getting married, so she finished up with recording one third of the film. So, Walt Disney Company asked to “Cate Bauer” who has same kind of quality of voice as Lisa for the rest of two third of film.

It was fortunate to find a person who has the same kind of voice, so we can watch the film from the beginning to end having felt wrongness, but Lisa’s excuse was to move to NY because she got married doesn’t really make sense, don’t you think? It makes you think “why couldn’t she move to NY after finishing the recording?”

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