【tdr0168】There is a scene that has been changed urgently with film of “Lilo & Stitch”?


Disney film “Lilo & Stitch”, which was released in 2002, June 21st (2003, March 8th in Japan) was so popular that sequel to the film and TV series were also produced and character goods were a big hit that it sold like hot pancakes, but some “consideration” was performed behind making it a big hit.

During the process of producing the film, tragedy happened in United States of America. That is “September 11th attacks” that happened in 2001, 9,11. The suicide bombing gave shock and sorrow to people all over the world and it took so many of innocent lives.

The behavior is cannot be forgiven and influenced so many things like so some TV shows had to change the broadcast contents or self-restrain the things that is closely resembling the day and it was the same with this film.

When the 9.11 attacks happened “certain scene” of this film, which was already made became problem. It was the afternoon of that day, the director who realized with the matter of scene made an order to recreate the scene urgently, so large scale improvement was needed.

The scene that needed massive improvement was the scene of “jets flying over the city”.

It was the scene jets were flying to trace the spacecraft, which it doesn’t really connect to terrorism, but because “September 11th attacks” was suicide bombing using plane, so it may hurt some people’s heart.

After all, they made changes with jets to spacecraft and colored with “red, white, and blue (to mourn)” and moved the place city to canyon. By that this film never got criticism and became a hit film.

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