【tdr0166】Disney and Pixar film that involved Apple.


Speaking of Apple, it is the major company of United States of America that dominated the world by starting off from iMac and now with iPhone. It advanced iMac, iPod, iPhone, but did you know that Apple was involved with Disney and Pixar film other than digital products like computers?

Steve Jobs bought the Pixar’s predecessor group and created the Pixar now as independent company, so from the beginning it was involved, but actually there was a time Apple directly involved with some film.

That film is a feature-length computer graphic animation film “WALL-E”, which was released in 2008. The character “Eve” has certain connection to Apple.

At that time, leaflet of theatre has said “Eve’s body has beautifulness that as if iPod became a robot”.

The person who designed iPod is “Jonathan Ive”.

Therefore, many people think a person who designed “Eve” is “Jonathan Ive”!, but actually it is not true.

“Eve” was designed properly from creators from Pixar and Jonathan made few advices by looking at the “prototype”. Few things were influenced by him, but it doesn’t mean he desgined the whole thing, so be careful.

Also, not just “Eve”, “Wall-E” is also influenced by Apple that the sound when the charging is completed is “MAC’s” start up sound.

It is great performance for Mac fans.

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