【tdr0154】The expression changes? Mysterious poster that posted on the wall of Lilo’s room.


Disney film “Lilo & Stitch” was released in 2002, June 21st (2003, March 8th in Japan). The film was a big hit more than expected and it became a popular film by producing feature-length film, TV series, or character goods.

So, there is small production appears in this film that cannot be noticed when seeing just once.

That can be seen on the scene of “Jumba”, which is alien that “Stitch” made going inside the house of heroin “Lilo”. The house gets destroyed by Stitch and Jumbe by them going crazy at Lilo’s and here pay attention to the poster that is posted on the wall of right hand side.

Before the house gets destroyed, poster that says “DUKE”, which on the wall of right hand side, there is a glum looking man who looks like a duke is drawn. But the moment that house gets destroyed by “stitch” throwing the car his eyes become opened widely and looks surprised.

Then the house was destroyed and this poster doesn’t appear on the screen after.

How they putting the production that cannot be noticed even straining the eyes on it… when they are so creative it seems more of artisan.

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