【tdr0152】Who is the real human who appeared on “The Incredibles”?


The feature length computer graphic animation film “The Incredibles”, which was released in 2004, November 5th (2004, December 4th in Japan), is 6th feature length animation of Pixar Animation Studio and this film was script by and directed by Brad Bird who directed “The Iron Giant”, which was praised highly from commentators.

This film was the first film of Pixar’s that took set in “human society” and human as a main character, but actually there is a guest appearing on the film that actually exists in this real world.

Who is that guest then?

One time at Walt Disney Studio there were 9 animators who left many achievements behind and worked as a leader of the other excellent many animators. They were called “Nine Old Men” and is still handed down as legends.

Two of the “Nine Old Men” is appearing on the screen of “The Incredibles” as a guest.

They appear on the screen at towards the end of the story right after destroying the combat sensor, which Syndrome made. Two of the middle-aged men appear on the screen wearing glasses. Those two is the “Nine Old Men”. The tall and long-faced man on the left hand side is “Frank Thomas (1912- 2004) and the short man with round face on the right hand side is “Oliver Johnston (1912-2008). Those two was good friends.

Brad Bird who is also director of this film made those two to appear on the screen as a guest on “The Iron Giant”, which he directed, that’s how much he respected those two.

That is why they appeared on this film too.

Unfortunately, “Frank Thomas” past away 2 months before the film “The Incredibles” released without seeing himself on the screen.

Although, I am sure he was proud to be on the screen of this film and was happy about it. From this film, bond of respected person and person to respect can be felt.

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