【tdr0145】The scene of “The Incredibles” that took 2 to 3 months to shoot.


The feature-length computer graphic animation film “The Incredibles”, which was released in 2004, November 5th (2004, December 4th in Japan) is the 6th feature-length animation film of Pixar’s and it was the first film that set in “human society” and “human” became the main character.

Until then Pixar focused on toys, bugs, or fish. The skill of computer graphic is outstanding and with this film Pixar performed incredible animation. But the “human” was the main in the story, so the process of creation was different and went through the hard time.

Many people may think “production technique won’t supposed to change because having a different theme, so how would the went through hard time?”, but human has specific way of moving, behavior, and texture. To express that, other skills than expressing toys, bugs, or fish is needed.

Certain scene of “The Incredibles”, it was only a few seconds scene, but it took 2 to 3 months to draw.

That scene was “Mr. Incredible: Bob Parr” taking his hero suit that he used when he was a hero and looking back the old days… The suit that he took had a hole and the scene of his left hand going through the hole, this took 2 to 3 months of effort.

This scene seems not a big of a deal, but director Brad Bird said this scene is very hard to express for computer graphic designer.

Because it was so hard the ideas of “changing the expression (face) on the scene”, or “explain the situation with lines, lines that can explain the situation”, but he rejected the ideas and committed to express precisely.

Looking the ruined suit of glory of days and wanting to be a hero like before or wanting to fix the suit, these emotions cannot express with lines, so he did not want to compromise.

Repeating the process of not compromising the small things and take it serious produces masterpiece.

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