【tdr0132】The hiding character that appears on “Finding Nemo”.


In 2003, May 30th (2003, December 6th in Japan), feature-length computer graphic animation film “Finding Nemo” was released. This is the 5th feature-length film from Pixar Animation Studio and is completed by collaborating with Walt Disney Company and won 76th Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

This film is set in the sea of Great Barrier Reef, Australia and is an adventure story of “Nemo” who were caught by human and “Merlin” finds each other.

“Philip Sherman” is the dentist who took “Nemo”. He did not captured “Nemo”, he thinks “he saved Nemo because he thought the latter would die in the ocean”, so he puts Nemo in the fish tank. Of course “Nemo” who thinks he is the victim was worried and looked around the room.

While he looks around the room, have you realize “some Disney character” appears on the screen actually.

The character is classic film from Pixar Animation Studio “Toy Story” of “Buzz Lightyear”.

If you haven’t noticed, watch the scene carefully.

There is a plant, toy box that is right next to the plant and this side of toy box….you can see Buzz Lightyear laying on the floor looking up. It is unknown that he fell off from the toy box or was just thrown away roughly… but he looks like he has been treated badly.

I am sure some people didn’t realize for the first time, but next time when you watch “Finding Nemo”, look for poor “Buzz Lightyear”.

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