【tdr0130】Which entertainer is familiar with Japanese dubbing?


Disney animation is very popular in Japan. Many entertainers were used as a voice actor for dubbing.

With Pixar films…

○Toy Story Toshiaki Karasawa (Woody) George Tokoro (Buzz Lightyear)
○Monsters, Inc. Hidehiko Ishizuka (Sulley) Yuji Tanaka (Mike)
○Finding Nemo Noritake Kinashi (Marlin) Shigeru Muroi (Dory)

It’s members of fame.

Also, with recent Disney films…

○Tangled   Shoko Nakagawa (Rapunzel)
○Frozen   Takako Matsu (Elsa),Sayaka Kanda (Anna)

Famous people are used as a voice actor here too.

Entertainer who does voice actor genres are different like actors, actress, comedian, singer, but each person perform high quality of acting more than the actual voice actors. Of course many voice actors are active and supporting the film.

To speak a voice actor especially who was active and contributed to Disney Animation is “Koichi Yamadera”.

He is famous by having various abilities like working as entertainer, actor, or miming, but he is the professional voice actor. He is called “a man who has seven voices” by having ability of acting several roles and he has already worked on more than 10 characters with Disney animation.

So, he is “a voice actor who acted the characters of Disney the most in Japan”.

Let’s put which characters he has done already…

[Animation Film]

○Donald Duck
○Roger Rabbit
○Beast(Beauty and the Beast)
○Sebastian(Little Mermaid)
○Stitch(Lilo & Stitch)
○Wreck-It Ralph(Sugar Rush)

[Live-action film]

○Jim Evers(Haunted Mansion)
○Bert(Mary Poppins)
○Aramis(The Three Musketeers)

Just mentioning roughly, it is surprising how many roles he has done. From this situation, the game series “Kingdom Hearts” that Disney Characters appear, he is acting the conversation on his own.

Actually with “Toy Story”, he was supposed to act the role of Woody.

He accepted the job and once finishing putting voice on every scene, unexpected order, which was “this film will become more well known by using a person who is famous rather than a voice actor who is not well known”, so Toshiaki Karasawa had to redo all the things Koichi did right before releasing the film.

Obviously Koichi wasn’t happy.

So, he increased activities of “making himself famous”.

Therefore, he did the main character of voice of “Sugar Rash” and he is active widely.

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