【tdr0128】The villain name of “The Incredibles”, which was protested by wine company.


The feature-length computer graphic animation film “The Incredibles” was released in 2004, November 5th (2004, December 4th in Japan). This is a story of a family with special power active leaded by “Mr. Incredible: Bob Parr” who is a “super hero who battled for world peace”, but during the production there was a time fighting over the name of “bit part” with a certain wine company.

The name is the last villain that “Mr. Incredible: Bob Parr” battled when he was a super hero, “Bomb Voyage”. He speaks French and seems very quiet person, but he is a dramatic villain who crashes to steal money with bomb and Pixar and a certain Wine company had argue about the name that they were going to put on him.

The name they were supposed to give was “Bob Pérignon”

People with good intuition probably sensed that, but it makes you think famous expensive champagne “Dom Pérignon”

So, wine company was offended and protested it. their argument of “using the expensive champagne as the name of villain will ruin the image of the champagne” is totally understandable. And him being French is not going to make them happy at all.

So, “Bomb Voyage” was brought up as an alternative idea. They took the von voyage (have a good trip) and was selected as the name of villain by it having a good meaning and sound.

However, it is probably an ordinary thing to involve ” a grown up situation” to name a one role.

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