【tdr0127】The great thing about Pixar! Japanese localization.


In foreign films or foreign animations that are made in not Japanese, no matter what items or background that used in the film are written in English or other foreign languages.

For example, signboard or memos. If it is not much of the background then it’s not considerable, but when it is indicating something important people end up reading the translated subtitles even watching it in dubbed.

I am sure some people think if it is an animation film it could have been fixed, but it is not that easy and obviously it cost some money.

Although, Pixar Animation Studio is different. They “localize” with items or background.

Other than things English shown naturally, you can see “fine localization work” that cannot be seen in animations that produced from others. Not just with title logos they localize background posters, signs, or memos that cannot be realize until you see it very carefully.

I am sure you have times get curious about small things like “what does the sign say” during watching the film, but that won’t happen with Pixar films. There are no other production companies that consider about people watching.

When you watch Pixar films, try to pay attention to the background localization.

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